Successful specialisation in the finest men’s leather jackets and more than 50 years of experience make Kapraun a globally unique manufacturer.


Leather is the oldest upper material in the world and has always held a particular fascination for humans. For the businessman Heinz Kapraun, this passion was strong enough to found a manufacturing company for leather clothing in Großostheim. With an enthusiasm for fine leather in all its forms, technical expertise and a love of detail, the company has established itself as a successful international firm over the past five decades. Not only this, but Kapraun is also top of the premium segment for men’s leather jackets, joined only by a select few competitors from Italy and France. Kapraun’s excellent reputation is due to its in-depth knowledge of leather and high level of technical expertise, as well as its sophisticated creative vision, whose hallmark classic/modern style is still just as authentic after 50 years as it was right at the beginning.


In order to meet its own quality standards, Kapraun manufactures its products by hand with impressive consistency and uses only the best materials. These include everything from eel to goat and are not bought off the shelf on principle, but developed individually in cooperation with leading tanneries. The lining materials and accessories such as buttons, zips and cuff materials also come worldwide from the finest companies. Functional processing techniques are also used, including ‘dry suit’ and ‘hot seal’, to provide unrivalled weatherproofing and maximum wearing comfort.


Kapraun launches two menswear collections per year, which are developed by its in-house designers and comprise a total of 25–35 models in all sizes including special sizes. The leather jackets cost between € 500–1.200. As well as its own brands, Kapraun also manufactures special items for VIP customers and handpicked boutiques. Model development takes place by hand in our own factory.
Manufacturing takes place at the most exclusive factories worldwide. The company is particularly well known for its quilted down jackets and successful combination of natural materials and functional techniques such as ‘hot seal’ and ‘dry suit’.


Kapraun is currently represented in 23 countries across the world and has a solid sales structure comprising over 300 renowned specialist retailers, with 80 in Germany alone. The company’s focus is on Europe, but the retail network outside Europe is also currently experiencing a dynamic rate of growth.



history-6Each Kapraun jacket is a technical master work and one of a kind.

history-5Not only the buttonholes are delicate handwork.

history-3The valuable hides should be optimally used in order not to cause too much waste.

history-4The tailoring naturally takes place by hand

history-2The most-modern CAD facilities deliver perfect patterns for the Kapraun fit.

history-1The creative work comes beforte the beginning of the production – an idea will be translated into a model sketch.

Kapraun Ledermode

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