No half measures

No half measures

Processing leather is an art form. Kapraun’s corporate philosophy is just as ambitious.


Kapraun enjoys fashion but the brand does not adhere strictly to a specific fashion agenda. Just like every hide and every leather has an individual profile, so the company always interprets fashion as a personal statement. Wearing Kapraun means shaping a style with personality rather than the other way round. The creative vision of Kapraun designers is not just to create the finest leather jackets with perfect fits, but also a textile version of a place where individualists can feel at home. A leather jacket has a particular meaning for men and is often the fashion staple of the male wardrobe. It should therefore leave plenty of scope for expressing personality without playing to the gallery and ensure that whoever wears it feels good in his own skin. In order to fulfil this key task, Kapraun has quite simple requirements when it comes to quality: it wants the best of everything.


Even after 50 years, Kapraun is still able to marvel at the versatility of leather and is in a position to apply its combined expertise to other types of hide. With its uncompromising quality standards, manufacturing business and focus on European production sites, the company is clearly differentiated from those manufacturing standard, mass-produced goods and continues to build on its leading expertise in the leather segment. As a training provider, it is therefore important to the company to invest in qualified up-and-coming talent. The company wants to maintain its roots in Germany or Europe in order to ensure sustainable production without the use of child labour. Kapraun also meets all ethical standards in terms of animal protection, and only uses hides from animals killed for meat. Kapraun does not use hides from animals that have been bred or killed specifically for their skin.


Kapraun is an international leading specialist in exclusive men’s leather jackets and has its headquarters in Großostheim near Frankfurt. The firm, which was founded in 1961, and its brand stand for uncompromising quality standards, something that is expressed in its use of leather from the best sources and accessories such as cashmere and real horn buttons, as well as functional processing techniques. Over the past five decades, Kapraun has become an institution in the leather segment thanks to the use of exquisite materials combined with technical expertise and its trademark confident and highly fashionable style. The brand is currently represented in 43 countries across the world and is sold exclusively by renowned specialist retailers. The company is part of Wiesbadener Koenig Leatherwear GmbH, which is licensed to produce and sell leather clothing by Trapper, Pierre Cardin and Mustang, among others.