Unique pieces with function as standard

Unique pieces with function as standard

Kapraun leather jackets are perfect in the truest sense of the word: unbeatable in terms of workmanship and well thought out right down to the seams.


In few other segments in the fashion industry is technical skill as important as it is in leather processing. Unlike in modern textile production, no automatic manufacturing machines are used in the leather industry. There is a simple reason for this: each hide is unique, both in terms of its size and structure, as well as in terms of its colour. As the last remaining German specialist for men’s leather jackets, Kapraun continues to create its products by hand and makes each jacket individually. This long-standing commitment to its ethos as a manufacturing company is what makes each jacket a sensory and technical revelation when compared to standard, mass-produced goods: hand-picked leather fabrics and lining materials give Kapraun jackets their exceptional suppleness and lightness, and therefore ensure a high level of wearing comfort. Elaborate collar, hood and fastening solutions, as well as functional special coatings, make each jacket a weatherproof companion for all situations. Classic and elegant designs and the already legendary hallmark cut ensure that each jacket fits like a second skin. As well as its technical demands in terms of quality, functionality and contour, the brand also follows a design-oriented product strategy that eschews short-lived trends in favour of a classically modern style. This independent style is what the brand owes its 50-year success to.


Kapraun presents an autumn/winter and spring collection every year, which each comprise 30–40 models. All jacket models are based on designs crafted manually by the in-house design department. These are digitalised only after a meticulous fine-tuning process and adapted for all sizes, including special sizes. The brand is particularly well known for its ultra-light quilted down jackets, its weatherproof leather ‘dry suit’ and the patented ‘hot seal’ technology used to weld the seams. Details such as pockets with a turn-lock fastening in which hands can rest comfortably, elaborate collar solutions and removable hoods trimmed with high-quality pelts are just some of the details that come as standard on Kapraun products. The zips are principally a polished chain, which is covered or blended into the jacket and always starts at the optimal height, regardless of jacket length. Accessories are supplied exclusively by renowned specialists. Examples include cashmere material by Piacenza, cupro by Brunello, real horn buttons by Padano and zips by YKK. The leather itself comes mainly from Italy and Spain. In addition, farmed deer skins from New Zealand and Australian kangaroo skins are also used, and these come from environmentally friendly ISO-certified tanneries.


The new A/W collection 2011

For winter 2011, Kapraun presents a 34-piece collection that covers the entire range of lengths from 68 to 95 cm. This collection is segmented into the three lines ‘Piumino’, ‘Sportivo’ and ‘Montone’. Duffel coats have been accorded special status in all three lines.


The 10-piece, sporty and elegant down jacket collection ‘Piumino’ appeals because of its very light lambskin nappa plongé, calf nappa and kangaroo leather fabrics with diamond and horizontal quilting, combined with jacquard inner linings made from cupro, 100 per cent Hungarian goose down filling, collars made from bicolour new-wool knit and hoods with racoon hide trim. The highlight of the collection is a duffel coat made from calf nubuck with elbow patches, taped ‘hot seal’ welded seams and hand-embroidered decorative seams on pockets and fastenings. Just as fabulous is a quilted down jacket made from water-repellent dolmias by Limonta with leather piping on the sleeves and body, as well as elaborate leather inserts on the pocket openings, collar and zip. The line, which is available in brown, black and navy, covers the whole spectrum from blouson jacket to short jacket and also includes waistcoats. In terms of price, the Piumino line is positioned in a sales price segment of €999–2,000.


The 15-piece ‘Sportivo’ line is exactly as its name suggests: although this collection has a varied range of cuts, materials and cuts with a sporty statement prevail. Field and slack jackets, anoraks, blousons and bomber jackets in chestnut, tobacco, black and navy dominate the character of the collection. Brushed, aniline-dyed and vegetable-tanned lambskin nappa, calf nubuck and deerskin leather are used, which are all combined with various inner lining solutions made from cashmere/wool, cashmere, angora, weasel, rabbit and muskrat. Details such as unzippable inner linings, taped seams with an antique look, patch pockets, bellows and hand-warmer pockets, waist buckles, decorative seams with strengthened wicking properties and collars with lambskin trim provide striking ‘all utility’ highlights. This collection’s prize piece is also a duffel coat in 95-cm length with muskrat lining. This line is Kapraun’s entry-level line with sales prices ranging from €599–1,599. The highest-quality line, with a sales price range of €1,400–2,000, is the lambskin jacket collection ‘Montone’, which in 2011 comprises nine models in sand, reed, daino, tobacco, chestnut, navy and black. There is a choice of blousons, city jackets and coats made from Spanish merino or merinilio with comparably thick but superlight hide as onetone or contrasting inner lining. With this line, details such as smocked cuffs and waistbands, contrasting inserts on seams and a bark-like character enhance the natural noblesse of the material. The reed-coloured casually cut duffel coat with an extravagant bark-like look is a particularly eye-catching piece.


Kapraun is an international leading specialist in exclusive men’s leather jackets and has its headquarters in Großostheim near Frankfurt. The firm, which was founded in 1961, and its brand stand for uncompromising quality standards, something that is expressed in its use of leather from the best sources and accessories such as cashmere and real horn buttons, as well as functional processing techniques. Over the past five decades, Kapraun has become an institution in the leather segment thanks to the use of exquisite materials combined with technical expertise and its trademark confident and highly fashionable style. The brand is currently represented in 43 countries across the world and is sold exclusively by renowned specialist retailers. The company is part of Wiesbadener Koenig Leatherwear GmbH, which is licensed to produce and sell leather clothing by Trapper, Pierre Cardin and Mustang, among others.